We’re listening to your thoughts on the street about Brexit

On Saturday 21st July 2018, we held our Brexitometer in Retford and on Saturday 11th August we held it in Worksop, to find out your opinion on how you think Brexit negotiations are going and what you thought Brexit would do to the local area.

The results were very interesting to hear and it was great to listen to your thoughts on what’s happening in government.

Here are the results. We converted them into percentages. 

Retford results: (Data from 60 people asked on the street)

Worksop results: (Data from 50 people asked on the street) 

As you can see from the results, 77% of Retford felt that Brexit negotiations are going poorly, 90% of Worksop felt the same and there is a concern for the NHS and for jobs across the areas. 

We will be out in other areas across Bassetlaw soon, finding out your opinion on Brexit and local issues.

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