The local parties in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City work together create a local manifesto all of our candidates and campaigners strive towards. All of our Bassetlaw candidates will work towards the proposals within this manifesto and the best solutions to the problems Nottinghamshire faces.

Our Guiding Principles

❗Openness, fairness and equality of opportunity are our guiding principles.

❗Austerity cuts to public services have gone too far. They have gone beyond prudent use of resources. They have caused savage reductions in support services to the most vulnerable residents: children, those with disabilities and the very elderly.

❗Where there are choices, we value public services and looking after the environment.

A Caring County

  • Look to improve Children Centre/Surestart Services and no more cuts
  • Support more extra care facilities for residents who are elderly or disabled
  • Help those with care at home to use the Personal Allowance Scheme to make choices which suit them
  • Press for Government to replace its cuts to Public Health

A Greener County

  • Protect the County’s open spaces and not sell of any parks under the County’s control
  • Get renewable energy and energy saving promoted by the County including on buildings
  • Oppose commercial scale fracking unless it is shown conclusively that alternative power sources will not meet the power needed and that the environment would not be harmed
  • Oppose vehicle registration in order to use recycling centres
  • Support consistency of waste collection across Nottinghamshire
  • Expand the next waste disposal contract to include most plastics and food waste

A County which invests in the future


  • We are seriously concerned about the future of manufacturing and skill training as a result of the loss of investment as a result of Brexit so we will:
  • Use the County’s economic development monies and land to promote skills training and manufacturing
  • Campaign for Central Government to make up for the loss of EU funding for training schemes and economic development
  • Campaign for Central Government to support small farms after losing EU support
  • Review community transport scheme to reduce the impact of austerity cuts to bus services
  • Insist that public services are not outsourced other than to mutual social enterprises; insist that there is more openness and any new contracts should be made public. No hiding costs behind ‘commercial sensitivity’.


Our Councillors will vote for and work to get these policies fulfilled as much as possible. You can rely on Liberal Democrat County Councillors to work hard for you, your community and your County.


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